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Hengyuan has always regarded talent as a strategic resource, and made major, macroscopic and overall ideas and arrangements for talent cultivation, attraction and use. Cultivate people, attract people, use people, and discover people to promote sustainable development and long-term development of enterprises.

Adhere to people-oriented

Adhere to the "people-centered" concept of enterprise development, attract, train and retain high-level talents closely related to the business industry, create an elite talent team with reasonable allocation and structural optimization; and form effective macro and micro human resource development and management capabilities. To form a humanized and efficient management of employees at all levels; continuously improve the innovative compensation and welfare system, adapt to the corporate brand and scale, protect the rational flow, provide a solid guarantee for the stable backbone of the workforce; shape the image of a good employer of real estate enterprises, and build “ The learning organization “employee growth mechanism effectively promotes the common development of employees and enterprises.

Human resource mechanism

Through the effective implementation of talent introduction strategy, management improvement strategy, compensation and welfare strategy and employer brand strategy, we will create “work in the leadership, learning in the middle, success in the middle, development in the middle, dedication in the middle, success in the middle "The talent professional development of the ecological environment.

Hengyuan regards talents as the most important asset of the enterprise and the driving force for the long-term development of the enterprise. By establishing a talent cultivation mechanism for echelon selection, a fair and scientific performance evaluation mechanism, a systematic training mechanism according to different categories, and a rational and rich distribution welfare mechanism, the company builds enterprises and A long-term and win-win community of interests for employees to achieve the common growth of the company and employees.


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